Married at First Sight…REVIEW

By now, you should know that I LOVE Lifetime! So you can imagine how excited I have been to watch my favorite reality show on Thursday nights….Married at First Sight on the Lifetime network because apparently A&E dropped it from its network or something.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, it is basically the Americanized version of the Danish show Married… that follows 3-4 couples who agree to get married…at first sight. They are paired by matchmakers and provided a series of psychological and compatibility tests to identify matches. If they find a match, the couple then gets married, goes on a honeymoon, and begin to live together as husband and wife over a short period of time (about 6-8 weeks).  At the conclusion of that period, they can decide to stay married, or get a divorce.

Before you chalk it up as BS…. this is the 5th season. And while the success rate of the couples is fairly LOW….I LOVE it!

Anyway, I am about 4 weeks into Season 5…and I am already ready for a DIVORCE! At present, I am calling a one and a possible (yup…like Spades). The other couple…they can barely make it off the damn island!

Like REALLY? How are you mad on a tropical island?


Needless to say, without going too deeply into their backgrounds and bio…because you can read that on Lifetime, I feel that these couples tend to have somewhat of the same storyline:  a couple does not get physically intimate, a couple is too good together so they self-sabotage, and the token black couple is just a hot damn mess!

Danielle and Cody:  They have such a role reversal. Cody is a very thoughtful and often overthinks things, and he seems to be more of the emotionally attuned one. Danielle, if she doesn’t tuck her balls away she will not have a man at the end of the season. She has said a few times that she wants Cody to be a man. She wants Cody to have sex with her, and he wants to let the relationship progress. *sigh*….I LIKE Cody! Danielle…CHILL OUT! Unfortunately, her constant nagging (remember they are STILL on the honeymoon) prompted Cody to have “the talk” to slow things down.

Women, if you want a man… please let him lead and be the man. And save me the “if a man doesn’t know how to lead,” etc., because women can get so locked into what they think a man should be or should look like that they don’t realize that the man they are with can be all of that in his own way.

Ashley & Anthony: They are just so cute! So relatable! Of all the couples, I like Ashley and Anthony the most. They both are eager to marry and have very similar values ab

Season 5 Cast of Married at First Sight

out family.  Ashley definitely has a very strong connection to her family, for which if she does not set some boundaries it can pave to be trouble (hint, hint…you should tell your family EVERYTHING about your relationship). But one thing that does kind of concern me about this couple is Ashley’s greatest desires to have children…yesterday! Her biological clock is ringing the alarm. Which is great for them because they both want children… but she JUST met the man!


Ladies… let the relationship develop. I found myself pregnant after less than a year of dating, and by 6 months in… I was ready to throw in the towel. I didn’t know my son’s father as well as I should have before we even put ourselves in a position to potentially have kids. Girl… pump your breaks.

Shelia & Nate: [face palm!]: I can see that they are going to give me ammo for the rest of the year! First, I am going to say that I thought that their age difference was going to be a major barrier. He is like 25 and she is 30ish. Nate presents some very mature qualities, but at the same time…he is VERY playful and has knee-jerk reactions to situations. Then, he shows sensitivity and consideration well-beyond his years in his willingness to listen and resolve hurts.

SHELIA. SHELIA. SHELIA. I’m CAN.NOT! Shelia is like many women. She wants so desperately for the perfect love… on her terms, in her way, and when she wants.

It’s NOT going to work out in her favor.

The whole time they are on the island…. she is pouty and whining and just freaking ANNOYING. I mean she literally sulked like a 14 year old after her parents took her phone away. Shelia and Nate turned a game of ping pong into a real life ping pong match. Hurtful words and actions were tossed about, and boy was it messy! And Nate pulled the ultimate “No, No!” by saying that he wanted to end the marriage.


I am not sure what to make of these two, but I am happy to see that it has gotten better with their communication as they searched for homes in the latest episode.  I will be watching because while I am rooting for them… I mean let’s keep it real here (like I do) NONE OF THE BLACK COUPLES have successfully made it on this show! I like to think that there is hope for my brothers and sisters looking for love.

But I will be tuned in this Thursday to watch how it will go down as they fully move in and embrace the new roles together, and also deal with seeing their husbands/wives family for the first time since their wedding.

Let’s keep it real….I feel another face palm coming. Let’s just hope I’m wrong!

I will share m reactions to Thursdays episode on Friday! If you watch the show (or not) leave me your thoughts below. How do you feel about the show? Who is your favorite couple? Who will stay married and who will get a divorce?






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Monique is a beautifully, talented, and successful 30-something single mother of one who lives in Virginia. She has provided family education and counseling for years, and now serves as one of her biggest and favorite clients. From single to dating and dating to single, and even navigating the market as single mother, Monique has been through it all. She finds her passion in being relatable and sharing her experiences with her followers in parenting, womanhood, and dating.

One thought on “Married at First Sight…REVIEW”

  1. I loveddddd Married at First Sight lol I was so upset when Danielle and Cody and Sheila and Nate decided to stay married. There seemed to be no good reason other than the producers wanting it to look like more marriages on the show were “successful.”


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