Are there any GOOD black men, women, and relationships out there?

Source: White Woman Speaks Out And Puts Black Women On Blast For Their Dysfunctional Behaviour!

The other day I was tagged in a Facebook discussion regarding a blog that was posted in September 2016. Of course, the blog addressed many issues, but most relevant is the view that black women are not having successful relationships with black men because of a black woman’s lack of appreciation for black men. Ultimately, this leads black men to date outside of their race.

Now, I will say a few things very briefly to the subject matter, but not the article in its entirety. I will start off by saying that much of this article and even the original “facebook post” reflect a reality with many black women and black families and relationships. Sadly, it is that reality that raises the question, “Are there any GOOD black men, women, and relationships out there?” Continue reading Are there any GOOD black men, women, and relationships out there?

Married at First Sight…REVIEW

By now, you should know that I LOVE Lifetime! So you can imagine how excited I have been to watch my favorite reality show on Thursday nights….Married at First Sight on the Lifetime network because apparently A&E dropped it from its network or something.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, it is basically the Americanized version of the Danish show Married… that follows 3-4 couples who agree to get married…at first sight. They are paired by matchmakers and provided a series of psychological and compatibility tests to identify matches. If they find a match, the couple then gets married, goes on a honeymoon, and begin to live together as husband and wife over a short period of time (about 6-8 weeks).  At the conclusion of that period, they can decide to stay married, or get a divorce.

Before you chalk it up as BS…. this is the 5th season. And while the success rate of the couples is fairly LOW….I LOVE it!

Anyway, I am about 4 weeks into Season 5…and I am already ready for a DIVORCE! At present, I am calling a one and a possible (yup…like Spades). The other couple…they can barely make it off the damn island! Continue reading Married at First Sight…REVIEW